Our Founders

Nikhil Soni

Founder & Developer

Sneha Gupta

Cofounder & Cloud Engineer

Meet the Visionary Founders of InfinityVerse

Nikhil Soni, an accomplished entrepreneur and tech influencer, is the driving force behind the inception of InfinityVerse. With an impressive background working with esteemed companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple, Nikhil brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. His journey in the tech industry has been marked by numerous successes, earning him a reputation as a mentor and a leading authority in the field. As the founder of Infinity Trends, a platform featured in Digit Magazine, Nikhil has showcased his exceptional vision and innovative ideas, setting the foundation for InfinityVerse's revolutionary approach.

Sneha Gupta, the co-founder of InfinityVerse, is a trailblazing cloud engineer with a strong focus on excellence. Having honed her skills working with prominent companies like Microsoft, Google, and Accenture, Sneha possesses invaluable expertise in cloud computing. Her dedication to driving technological advancements ensures that InfinityVerse's users have access to cutting-edge services and resources. With a passion for innovation and a forward-thinking vision, Sneha plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of InfinityVerse.

Together, Nikhil and Sneha form a dynamic duo, leveraging their combined expertise to propel InfinityVerse to new heights. Their unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable and user-friendly app enriches the lives of our users, making InfinityVerse a pioneer in the digital landscape.

As visionary leaders, Nikhil and Sneha have led InfinityVerse to become part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, gaining access to an array of resources and benefits worth over $398,000 provided by Microsoft. This invaluable partnership has positioned InfinityVerse for exponential growth, enabling us to expand our reach and deliver even greater value to our users.

Their unwavering dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for innovation continue to drive InfinityVerse's success and shape the company's journey towards a future of endless possibilities. Join us in celebrating the visionary minds behind InfinityVerse and discover the transformative power of their innovation.

Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame is a tribute to the brilliant minds behind InfinityVerse. Meet our team, employees, and interns who have contributed to the success of our web app. Their dedication, expertise, and innovative ideas have helped shape InfinityVerse into what it is today. We are proud to showcase their achievements and celebrate their ongoing contributions to our mission.

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